What is On Page SEO? Different Ranking Factors that determine your SEO

on page seo

SEO also know as Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your website visibility on Search Engines. The ranking of each website depends on how good their SEO is. SEO is of two different types, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

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What is On Page SEO?

This is the SEO that you can control on your website. In easy words, on-page SEO means the SEO which you can use to make your website rank higher in search engine results. There are a lot of factors of on-page SEO that search engines use to determine the ranking of your website. Each search engine has its own ranking factors. But if we look at the majority then we should focus more on Google ranking factors since most of the searches that happen on the internet happen on Google, If you rank on Google, then you will automatically rank on other search engines.

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors:

There are a lot of ranking factors but we are going to discuss the common ones that all the search engine uses and if you can set your website according to these then you can rank your website easily.

1. Title Tag

The title tag is the title of your website pages. This is the name that appears on search engines when someone search on your website.

on page seo

As you can see the highlighted area is the title tag that appears on search engine results. You title tag also should be 55 characters or less. If it is more than 55 characters then the whole title could not be shown. Also make sure your title is catchy and gives a description about the page or article. In this way you have more chances of getting clicks.

2. URL

URL is uniform resource locator. It is a address of a page on the internet. URL matters a lot in on page seo. Your URL should be short and should give a very short explanation about the article or the specific page. Also you need to include your targeted/focus keyword in your URL. This is a must thing that you should do in order to improve your ranking.

3. Meta Description

Meta description is the short description about a specific page that appears on the search engine results.

on page seo

Meta descriptions are really helpful when it comes to ranking and also helps in getting more visitors. In meta description, you need to add some description about the particular page or the particular article. Also, you need to include your targeted/focus keyword in your meta description, This helps the search engine crawlers to crawl your page properly, and also having the targeted/focus keyword in the meta description prevents the crawler to consider the page as spam. If you use an SEO tool in your WordPress website like Rank Math. You must have noticed that it tells you to add your focus keyword in the meta description.

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Also you need to add a meta description for each page in your website. This matters a lot for on-page SEO.

4. Header Tags

Header tags are the most important and used tag in websites. Header Tags are used to add a heading in your website. There are a total of 6 header tags which are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, where H1 being the highest and H6 being the lowest.

on page seo

In the above image as you can see the top is the H1 tag and the last one is the H6 tag. H1 being the biggest and H6 being the smallest.

Now how does header tags impact the on page seo?

As per Google reports, the crawler always searches for the H1 tag at first while crawling the website. So your website and each page on the website must contain an H1 tag. And also if possible try to include your targeted/focus keyword in anyone’s header tags. This makes your article more SEO friendly.

5. Keyword

Among all the other factors keywords are the most important factor in on-page SEO. I cannot emphasize more this. All the ranking depends upon your keyword. Every page on the internet ranks on some keyword. If you want to learn more about keywords and how to do proper keyword research, then you can check out my article 5 Best Methods To Do Keyword Research For Your Blog in 2021. This article contains all the information about what is keyword, different keyword types, and how you can do keyword research.


Now I am going to give you some other ranking factors that you can check on your website and these factors will also have a great impact on your website. If we look at Google, it changes its SEO techniques very frequently and it affects many websites. So in order to sustain in the long run, we need to keep some checks beforehand and make our on page seo stronger

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1. Content on your website

When someone is starting in Blogging, the content is not usually great in the beginning but it gets better eventually with time. But do not ever copy someone else content and put it on your website. Google is really strict regarding copyrighted content and it could may ban your website or may de rank it. Try to make your original content and you can get many viewers in the long run.

2. Website speed

Website speed is something that most people ignore. But now Google considers ranking those websites on top who have a faster website speed. A research says that website speed is really important as slow website tends to get low traffic as when someone visits your website and your website takes time to load then, the visitor tends to go to another website.

Website loading speed can be increased by following some steps:

  • Use good hosting: This is a really important step. A good hosting determines your website speed. Now while starting a website most people tend to go for shared hosting as this is the cheapest hosting plan provided by all the hosting providers. But the problem here is that the shared hosting plans are usually not that great. Your website tends to load slower as on a single server many websites are hosted and the premium servers cost a lot which a beginner cannot afford in the beginning. So a great hosting platform where you could host your website and WordPress websites as well is Amazon AWS Lightsail. This is a really amazing platform where you will get a cloud hosting for the same price as any shared hosting for just $3.50/month and also you can try it for one month absolutely for free. And cloud hosting is really faster compared to shared hosting. Before I was also hosting this same website on shared hosting but a few months back I have switched to Amazon AWS Lightsail and I can say that the speed really impressed me.
  • Optimize your images: Optimizing your images is a really important step as heavy images tend to make your website slower as big size images take a longer time to load. There are a lot of plugins that you can use to compress your images before uploading them to your website. Most of them are paid and most of the free ones are not that good. But there is a trick that you can do to optimize your images for free without losing the image quality. You can check out Tiny PNG. On this website, you can compress your website for free without losing its quality. I myself use it and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
  • Use a Cache Plugin: Caching is a really important process as when more cache gets stored on your website, the website tends to get slow. So clearing up the cache is really important. There are many free cache plugins in WordPress but none of them are that good. You can use WP Rocket which is an excellent cache plugin that can make your website really fast. By just installing the plugin on your website, it will customize your website and make it faster. But this is a premium plugin and they do not have any free plans. If you want to buy you can click here. If you buy from this link you will get 10% OFF on Single license, 15% OFF on Plus license, and 20% OFF on Infinite license.

3. Mobile friendly

All of us know that mobile usage is increasing day by day and people are carrying out all their tasks on their mobile phones. So now Google is ranking those websites on top which are mobile-friendly as well. That means you should customize your website for mobile visitors as well so that they can use your website from their mobile phones properly. If you are using WordPress then your work is quite a lot easier as most of the WordPress themes are mobile-friendly.

If you want a really good theme for your website which is light and mobile-friendly as well and comes with a ton of features. Then you can check out Astra Pro Theme. This is a theme that I personally use on my website and it is really amazing.

You can use a free tool by Google, Google Mobile-Friendly Tool where you can put your website link and the tool will tell you that is your website mobile-friendly or not.

on page seo

As you can see I entered my website URL and it is showing that my website is Mobile Friendly. Similarly you can check yours.


Now SEO doesn’t happen in a day or in a month. You need to constantly be updated and try to make your website more and more better. In this way you can rank higher in Search engine results. Also comment down below if you want to know anything more about On- Page SEO. Whatever I know and I have learned I have written here. But if you wan t to know more or if you have any suggestion then you can write it in the comments.

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