How To Switch from Chrome to Brave Browser

how to switch from chrome to brave

In this article, we are going to learn how you can switch from Chrome to Brave browser very easily.

If you follow the steps I will mention in this article, you can easily switch from Chrome to Brave by syncing all your previous bookmarks, search history, saved passwords and extensions from Chrome to Brave.

In my previous article, I have mentioned how good Brave browser is in terms of protecting your privacy. If you want, you can read it here.

How To Switch from Chrome to Brave

1. Enable Sync in Chrome

The very first step in this process is to make sure that your Chrome browser is syncing everything. To check that you need to open your Chrome Browser and then see your profile on the top right.


You need to click that and then you will see the sync option.

sync is on

If your sync is on, then all your extensions and bookmarks are being synced by Chrome to your profile. If you see that your sync is not enabled on then you need to enable it.

2. Install Brave Browser

Now, this step is optional if you have already installed Brave on your computer.

If you have not installed then you can follow these steps.

Visit Brave official website and then you will see the download button. It will automatically detect your operating system and then download the file.

brave home page

After that open Brave and then you will see the welcome screen which will look something like this.

3. Setting up Brave

brave welcome page-1

Now, this is a setup wizard which you need to follow in order to properly set up Brave. Click on Let’s go.


Now, you will see the option of importing bookmarks and settings from different browsers. The list will be different for everyone depending upon which browser you have installed on your computer.

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Now, we are switching from Chrome, your Chrome profiles will be displayed. You need to select your main Chrome profile from which you are going to import your settings.

brave welcome page-4

Here you need to select your search engine. Brave offers all the popular search engines to choose from. The default search engine here is Google. But if you want a different one you can opt for it from the list.

Brave also has its own search engine which you can use as well.

brave welcome page-5

Now, the final step here is to enable rewards. This is optional.

Brave Rewards is a feature by Brave browser where you will earn BAT tokens for viewing private ads. I will be coming with a more detailed article on this very soon.

Now click on done and all your extensions, bookmarks, settings, saved passwords will be transferred to Brave.


I hope you have understood how you can easily switch from Chrome to Brave. If you face any issue then you can ask it in the comments and I will help you. Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “How To Switch from Chrome to Brave Browser”

  1. Hi Aniket,
    I installed the Brave browser from a Linux Command Terminal on my recent model HP Chromebook, but I have not been able to import my Favorites and Passwords from my Chrome browser. Do you have some step by step instructions? I have tried everything.

    1. Try uninstalling the browser and installing it again from the official website. When you will run the setup, it will give you the option to import from other browsers. Hope this helps you

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