How to send an email in Getresponse in 2021

send an email

In Email Marketing sending out emails is the major part. A good email will land straight in your customer’s inbox and they will read it. A good email will increase brand value and trust among people.

Sending quality emails in Getresponse is really easy and you can create customized emails also. Today we are going to look at how you can do that.

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How To Send Emails

First, open the Getresponse dashboard and then on the left side click on Create Newsletter.

creating newsletter

After that, you will be directed to a page from where we are going to design the newsletter.

First, here you need to give a name to your message. It could be anything. Suppose I am sending a welcome email to my contacts. So I will give the title “Welcome email”.

Also, you need to select the list to which you are sending the email. In my case, I want to send the emails to my newly created list.

email name

Add email address

Now after adding the name of the email, we have to choose the email address from which we are going to send the emails.

By default, Getresponse will add the email address which you had used to create an account. Usually, business email addresses are considered while sending bulk emails. Most email service providers recommend using custom domain email addresses. For example, is a custom domain email.

If you are a business and you want to start email marketing, then before that you should have your own website setup. If you are a business and you do not have your website in 2021 then you are missing a lot of potential customers. If you want a website for your business, then we can do that for you. For more information, visit this website

Now, if you have a custom domain email then, you need to add it to Getresponse. To add the email address to Getresponse, click on Add another address.

adding email address

Now, after that enter your name and email address and then click on Add address. After that, a confirmation link will be sent to that email address and after confirmation, you can use that email address.

adding email address

Add a subject line

Now after completing all those steps, now we need to write the subject line for the email. A subject line is really important as it creates a first impression of your email. A subject line will decide whether the person will open the email or not.

Usually, the subject lines are written a bit catchy so that it drives the attention of the person viewing the email.

Add a subject line related to your email content. For example, I am sending a welcome email, so I will write “Welcome to AnikBin”.

email subject line

Add recipients

Adding recipients basically means adding contacts to whom we want to send the email. You need to select the list to which you have added all your contacts.

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If you want to learn how to create a list and add contacts to it then you can check out our article:

Designing the email

Now, here is the interesting part. Now you need to design your email. Now Getresponse offers you a lot of email templates that you can use. To get started click on Desing message.

Here are some cool email templates that you can use.

predesigned email templates

But I would not recommend using these templates in the beginning. In the beginning, when you are sending out emails if you send emails with a lot of pictures and designs, Gmail will consider them as spam and will put your email into the spam folder. Once people start opening your emails and reading them, Gmail will not consider it spam and it will reach their inbox. So, in the beginning, try to send out text-based emails only.

So, for starting out choose blank templates and then choose blank template.

design and content

Here is the main dashboard from where you need to design the email. First, if you want you can add a logo. You can add your business or company logo. Then in the middle, you need to add the text box which will be present on the right side. It has a drag and drop feature which makes it very easy to create emails.

designing email

After that, you need to type what you want to write in the email. Write it just like you are writing an email to someone. Also on the top, you will find different tools which you can use to make changes. The layout is pretty simple. Refer to the image below

writing an email

Then click on next.


You will have three options to track or not track your emails. This is basically like analytics. You will get to know how many people opened your email, how many did not, etc.

Sending your email

sending email

Now is the time you will send your email. You will have two options here.

  • Send immediately
  • Schedule for later

The first option will send your email immediately to all the contacts on your list.

The second option will allow you to schedule your email and it will be delivered on a particular day and time which will be set by you.

There is another option of perfect timing. This will let the system decide when to send your emails based upon at which timing your recipients opened your previous email. If you are just starting out don’t use this as the system will not have enough data about your recipients. After sending 10-15 emails, you can use that.


I hope now you have understood how to send emails in Getresponse. This was a beginners tutorial. I will cover more in future articles. If you have any doubt then you can ask them in the comments and I will reply to them. Thanks for reading:)

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