How To Create an Email List in Getresponse

how to create an email list

Today, we are going to look at how to create an email list in Getresponse to add subscribers to the list.

An email list is basically like a directory of emails. In Email Marketing, you need to build an email list to send emails to people to market a product. The big the email list is the more people you can reach out for a product.

Email marketing is a major part of digital marketing.

Most people consider an email list as nothing but just a directory of email addresses, but I believe that’s more than that. Only when you build an email list and send emails, you will get to know the power. of emails.

Alright, now to get started first you need to create an account on Getresponse. You can also use other email marketing tools, but I prefer Getresponse as it is simpler and easier to use and has many amazing features.

If you do not have an account, click here and sign up for Getresponse to avail of a 30-day free trial.

Creating an email list in Getresponse

Now after creating an account, log in to getresponse and then on the dashboard click on lists. Refer to the image below.

email list

Now, after going to the list, here you would have a default list created by Getresponse while creating an account. You need to create a new list. Now, the majority of the email marketing tools pricing is based on the list size. The bigger your email list is the more money you are going to pay for the tool. It is as simple as that.

In getresponse when you are on a trial, you will get a list of a maximum of 1000 contacts which is enough in the starting. Now on the right side click on create list. Give your list a name and hit create. Remember to give your list a unique name otherwise it will give you an error. The image here only is to give a reference. One tip you can follow is to add your name along with the list name which will make it unique.

creating a list

Now your list is created but it’s empty. You need to add contacts to it. Now lets us understand how that happens.

You cannot just go ahead and manually add email addresses to your list. This will not give you any profits. The real process of email marketing is not just to build a bigger list but to build a quality list where people are active and reading your emails.

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To add some contacts to your list, you need to create a lead magnet. You can integrate your list into a form. So whenever someone fills a form, the email address gets added to your list.

How to add contacts to your email list manually

But let’s suppose you want to add contacts to your list manually you can do that. There are two ways of adding contacts manually to a list. One is by adding email addresses one by one and the second one is by uploading a CSV file.

First Method:

You need to select on add contacts and then you will be redirected to a page where you will have the option of adding the name and email. First, you need to select the list where you want to add your contact/contacts.

selecting a list

Then you need to enter their email and name. Suppose you have a different field like a phone number. Along with name and email you need to add their phone number too. Then you need to select the Assign custom field.

assigning custom field

Now click on Add contact and your contact will be added. This is usually a slow process as it will take a lot of time to add contacts. If you are adding one-two contact this is good but not for adding bulk contacts.

Second Method:

This is my favourite method to add contacts to the list. If you have a CSV file, then you can upload it here. If you want to create a CSV file then you can create it in Google Sheets and export it as a CSV file.

In Getresponse you have multiple options of uploading contacts. You can do it by uploading a file, you can upload it from another service, you can manually paste it from another place and you can even migrate a list from another email service provider.

For example, I want to do it through a CSV file. So, I upload a CSV file and then click on next.

uploading a csv file

Now after that your contacts will be uploaded and you can send emails to them. Refer to the image below.

email list size

I hope now you have understood that how to create an email list in Getresponse. If you have still not signed up for Getresponse, then you are missing the 30-day free trial. Click here to avail of the free trial. I am going to start putting out other Getresponse tutorials in the following days. So stay tuned for that.

If you have any other doubts then feel free to ask in the comments. Thanks for reading:)

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