4 Best Free Blogging Sites for Students

free blogging sites

If you are frustrated with finding good free blogging sites where you can create your blog for free. Then no worries in this article we are going to know how you can do that. Here I have created a list of popular free blogging sites in India.

Blogging has got a significant amount of popularity in this pandemic and everyone want to create their own blog. But some are hesitant to spend some money on buying a hosting and domain and setup a blog. For them I have listed some websites where you can create a free blog and write articles in it.

If you ask me, then I always recommend that you should spend some money and have your own domain and website but since you are a student and you don’t have that money to spend but you want to try blogging, then no worries you can do it here. I also started from these free blogging sites in the beginning 🙂

4 Best Free Blogging Sites

1. WordPress

How can we forget WordPress? Whenever it comes to blogging, WordPress is the most popular website to get started with blogging. Now don’t get confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org, both are different. WordPress.com is a website where you can create a free blog/website and write articles on it, whereas WordPress.org is a CMS (Content Management System). If you want to know more about CMS, you can check out this article, What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Now to create a blog, go to wordpress.com and sign up for a free account.

content management system

Then choose a plan. Choose the free one. In the free one, you can create a website but you will get a subdomain of wordpress.com. Here you can create a blog for free. If you want to add a custom domain you need to choose a premium plan. But just for getting started, it is fine.

Give your website a name and then set up your website. You will get a lot of options inside the dashboard and then publish your site.

2. Wix

After WordPress the second most popular page builder is Wix. Here you can create not only a blog but any website that you want. Wix has been in this market for a very long time and has improved a lot. I was using Wix in 2016 to make free websites.

free blogging sites

To get started with Wix, go to Wix.com and then click on Get Started. Then choose a free account and then you are good to go. Choose a name for your site. Wix has an amazing feature that is Wix AI. It will ask some questions and then the software will build the site by itself or you can choose to build a blog by yourself.

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Wix provides free hosting, which means that you only need to design your website if you are doing it manually and the rest will be taken care of by Wix. Wix also provides you with a lot of templates that you can use to design your website in whichever way you want. There are free as well as premium templates.

3. Medium

free blogging sites

Medium is a great website for beginners who love to write. One thing to be noted here is that Medium is not a website builder website. Here you cannot make a blog. Here you can write articles and post them on this website. The reason for including Medium in this list is that blogging is all about writing good articles. If you don’t care about a website but you wanna write some good content then you can create an account on medium and create your space.

There is one advantage of Medium, which that is the articles written in Medium rank easily on Search Engines. Usually doing SEO for an article manually and ranking takes a lot of efforts.

If you don’t care about creating a website and you just want to write articles then you can create a free account on Medium and start writing articles.

4. Weebly

free blogging sites

Weebly is another amazing platform to create a free blog. This also is a website builder like Wix. Here you get a drag and drop feature. You can add elements to your website to make it look attractive. Here you can add your products and showcase your products.

In the free Weebly plan, you get 5 custom pages, a Weebly subdomain and 500 MB storage.

To get started, go to Weebly.com and sign up for a free account and start building your website.


Now, here are all the websites where you can create your blog for free and start producing content. Still there a lot of other websites but the one’s I have listed are the best one’s. If you face any problem in creating a blog you can contact us.

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