How To Build a Micro Niche Blog in 2021

micro niche blog

Micro Niche blogging means creating micro niche blogs and putting content in them. Micro niche blogs are the most profitable blogs compared to Broad Niche Blogs.

Those blogs that are created on a very specific topic are known as micro niche blogs. If you want to know more about niches and how to choose a niche then you can check this article:

Micro niche blogs are usually small blogs that put content on a very specific topic. These blogs can be very useful when someone wants to learn a specific topic.

These blogs rank easily on search engines since search engines algorithms find it easy to rank websites on specific keywords.

How to decide a micro niche

How to find micro niche ideas can be a tedious task. To decide on a micro-niche, first, we will have to select a niche. Every micro-niche arises from a broad niche. It could be anything you are interested to write about. It can be gardening, cooking, books, etc. Any topic can be a niche.

A very simple way of finding my niche was I took a pen and paper and listed out all the various topics that I am interested in. Then I went to Google, searched for the topics, and saw how much traffic these are getting on the internet. There is a free tool by Google by the name Google Trends.

Here you can go and search for any topic to check its popularity on the internet. Suppose I search for Gardening.

best topic for blogging

You can see in India, the search term “gardening” is getting 82 searches between Jan 17-23. Now, this number changes over time.

After checking all the topics in Google trends, you will get to know which niche is more profitable to write. Although it is not necessary to choose a niche just because it is profitable. You also need to understand that do you enjoy writing on that topic.

Choosing a domain

A domain for a micro niche blog is really important. The domain will let people know what your blog is about.

Many SEO experts say that if you have your targeted keyword in your domain then, your website gets ranked faster. For example, if your blog is about cooking, then you must have any keyword related to cooking in your domain.

Although I believe this is not true for all the blogs. This method is effective for micro-niche blogs. But for blogs that are based on a personal brand and write on multiple topics should not use this method.

After you have chosen your domain name, then go ahead and buy a hosting and domain. If you want to get a domain and hosting for a very less price then I recommend you check out Hostinger. Here you will get a free domain for 1 year.

You can check this article where I have explained how you can buy hosting and setup WordPress:

After you purchase hosting, you can follow this tutorial on what to do after installing WordPress.

Deciding the keywords

When starting a blog, the difficult part comes when we have to decide our keywords, as ultimately they are going to get us traffic. Organic traffic forms a major part of micro-niche blog traffic.

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When you are thinking of creating a micro-niche blog, just after deciding your niche you need to find out some keywords on which you can write articles.

The best tool for that is Ubersuggest. You can use it to search for keywords in your niche. In their free plan, you get only 3 searches limit/day.

But don’t worry I have another great tool which you use in your daily life which is Google search.

Go, to google and search for your micro-niche in the search bar. Suppose I am creating a blog on cricket bats. I search for cricket bats and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find some related searches.

cricket bat keywords

These are the keywords you can use to create new articles for your blog. These keywords are useful since when people search for cricket bats, they also search for these terms as well. It will differ from niche to niche.

Now if you want to know how much search volume do these keywords get, then you can use another free tool by Google, which is Google keyword planner.

Open Keyword planner and then click on Get search volume.

google keyword planner

Then you need to enter the keywords that you want to get a search volume of. I entered the keywords I got from the google search.

adding keywords

Here you can see the search volume of the different keywords and their competition. You can see these keywords get a good amount of search traffic.

cricket bat keywords search volume

Distributing content

After you have created a blog and wrote articles in it. Now you have to distribute your content so that it reaches more and more people. Although I have told before that micro-niche blogs majority of traffic comes from organic search. But it takes time. So you need to distribute your content on different social media platforms.

Distributing your content has two ways:

  1. Building an email list
  2. Posting it on social media

Building an email list

This is an excellent way of getting a lot of traffic. You can send an email to each of your subscribers about your content and it is very personalised. You can create a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Posting it on social media

Social media is a great place to get a lot of traffic. Today there are a lot of social media platforms that you can use to grow your blog traffic. You can create a group on Facebook where you can provide value to your group members and in this way you can grow your traffic. From the Facebook Group itself, you can build your email list as well.


So now I hope you have understood how you can create a micro-niche blog. If you face any problem you can mail me or ask your doubts in the comments. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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